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» CRM System Comparisons: Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet!

December 3rd, 2012

I recently read a post in a Group on LinkedIn that cited two websites that shared their comparison of Salesforce.com and SugarCRM.  Out of curiosity to see what others are saying about these two software packages, I clicked on one of the links and read the article.  I was astonished to find multiple instances of misinformation in this article!

Upon seeing this, I attempted to comment on the article to share my thoughts and refute their points.  But the comments were turned off on the article.  I then searched for contact information for either the author or company that shared the content on their site – still nothing!  So this information stays publicly available with blatantly bad information in it.

If I was not a CRM consultant, I would not know that this was bad information, and I may, as a potential customer to either of these systems, believe everything the article says.  Then I might make a bad decision in purchasing a CRM system for my business!

My job with my clients is to remove this confusion and educate them on the pros and cons of each CRM system that would be a good fit for them.  I get this information from vendor websites, trusted white papers, testing the systems myself to see what they are capable of, and other industry experts that I trust.  Any system that does not get the “DB Pros seal of approval” does not get recommended to any of my clients!

I’m sure there are more articles out there on the Internet that fall into this category of misinformation too.  Bottom line – don’t trust everything you read on the Internet; and make sure you check the source of the article.  If you suspect it may not be reputable, take the information with a grain of salt and look for additional information from other sources to confirm or deny the validity of the information you just read.

Side Note: If your company is looking into purchasing a CRM system, and are overwhelmed by the choices out there, DB Pros can help remove most (if not all) of that confusion.  We’ve already done the industry research and know what options are a best fit for your size/type of company.  We know what bells and whistles are in each product for each version, and what they cost.  So save yourself days of research and call us instead!

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