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Affiliate Programs

The How-to Help Desk has programs that are built to support the membership-based organizations and to give back to the community.  There are three options for an organization to choose from.


Option 1: Discount Model

Provide a discount code to your clients/members, and they receive 25% off all purchases of Blocks of Time (discount not available on Pay-as-You-Go method).


Option 2: Affiliate Model

Your organization will receive a 25% fee for all Blocks of Time sales driven by you.  We provide you with a unique URL that you can place on your website and in email communications to your clients/members.  That URL will track the sales from your organization.


Option 3: Hybrid Model

Your organization gets to decide how it wants to split a discount to its members/clients AND an affiliate fee, with a total of a set 25%.  We provide you with both a Discount Code and a unique URL to place on your website and in email communications.

Options 2 and 3 provide the organization with a way to generate additional revenue streams, for such things as scholarship funds, Galas, and other needy causes.  All three options provide a unique member benefit that allows you as an organization to provide even more value to your members.

Use our interactive calculator to determine how much money your organization can generate from this program!

To find out more about the Affiliate Program with the How-to Help Desk, contact us at (973) 607-1627 or via email at info@h2hd.net.

*Percentage subject to change without notice.

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