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The How-to Help Desk works with corporations that are approximately 50-1000 employees large, providing an extended help desk to administrative staff, up-and-coming managers, IT staff, and the training department.

We are not looking to replace your existing staff members or services, but rather enhance them by filling in any gaps that may exist.  For example, if your company has a Training and Development department, they may provide full training courses to your staff on specific software applications.  But what if they don’t have the resources to provide the post-training support on the one-off questions that your staff have?  How-to Help Desk can be that resource!

Or what if your Administrative Assistants are utilizing each other as the “go-to” resource to find the answer on how to use their software correctly?  Are you paying them overtime?  If the answer is yes to both, then you are not utilizing your staff efficiently and their productivity is not at its peak.  The How-to Help Desk can be a resource for the Administrative Assistants to use individually (or cohesively) so they do not have to interfere with one another’s day (productivity) and they can still gain the knowledge they need to complete the task at hand.

When you work with the How-to Help Desk for your company, you will get assurance that your money is being utilized effectively – we will provide you with monthly reports on who’s using the service for what products, how often, etc.  We will also do account reviews with you every 3-6 months (depending on your contract) to make adjustments where necessary to make sure you are not paying for something that is not being used.

To learn more about our Corporate Accounts, contact us at (973) 607-1627 or via email at info@h2hd.net.

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