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The How-to Help Desk is available from 9 am-9 pm (EST), Monday through Friday.   However, requests can be submitted anytime, any day through the online submission form.  We guarantee a response to all inquiries within 2 business hours (if your query is submitted after hours of operation, we will get back to you by 11am the following business day).

In order to receive answers from the How-to Help Desk, you must first purchase blocks of time.  Blocks are sold in 5-minute, 15-minute, and 60-minute increments.

As you receive our help, we’ll deduct how many minutes are remaining on your account.  We accept all major credit cards for payment.

Once you’ve purchased blocks of time, simply fill out the request form, detailing your question/issue.  Provide a screenshot if applicable.  Let us know the best time of day to reach you, and wait for our reply.

Do I have to pre-pay for service?

No.  If you are not comfortable pre-paying for service, you can also get help on a “pay as you go” method.  Simply complete the request form, and when your session begins, the help desk person will take your payment information before the call begins.  You will be charged at the end of the session based on the time to complete the question/issue (from the moment the payment information is collected successfully).

*NOTE* There is a higher fee for service on the pay-as-you-go method than there is for pre-purchasing blocks of time.

Why can’t I just call you?

We want to make sure your time is maximized with us.  If we know what your issue is ahead of time, we can make sure to answer it with you as quickly as possible-saving you money and time!

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