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Want to hear how others feel about using the How-to Help Desk? Read about it below.

Three weeks ago, I got to experience first-hand how wonderful it was to be able to have access to a service like How-To Help Desk.  I was sitting in front of my computer at work, putting the finishing touches on a mail merge letter for a client.  As I was wrapping up, I realized there was just one SMALL problem:  All the names and addresses being pulled from the Excel spreadsheet database for the mail merge were all capitalized.  I opened the Excel file, to see if there was some way to change the case of the letters within each cell.

I tried the Help Menu, but no luck.  I searched Google for almost 30 minutes, and after clicking on several links, I finally found an Excel formula to do what I wanted.  Yet, I had no idea how to use the formula in order to get the names and addresses to change to lower cases.   I finally asked one of my co-workers if he knew how to solve the capitalization problem.  My co-worker took a look at the spreadsheet for several minutes, and told me that he didn’t know what to either.  Now I was extremely annoyed, as I had spent over 45 minutes working to solve this seemingly simple problem.

So, finally, my boss told me to call How-To Help Desk.  I got a chance to speak with Kendra Von Achen and I had an amazing experience.  First, Kendra asked me to describe the issue I was having.  Then, she asked me how familiar I was with Excel 2007, so I could navigate through the different menus.  And once we were on the same page, she proceeded to tell me exactly how to solve my issue in a clear, concise, and understandable manner.  Kendra was able to walk me through how to solve my Excel spreadsheet problem over the phone in about 10 minutes!  It was fantastic.

If I had picked up the phone and called How-To Help Desk as soon as I realized I had a problem, I would have saved myself an hour of frustration.  I would definitely use How-To Help Desk again in the future and recommend that other small businesses do so as well.  The service is well worth it!

-Timothy Johnson III
20 Lemons


I want to thank you for the great help desk session with my Excel spreadsheet issue. Your knowledge of the software and your patient explanations helped me to understand how to find the right solution. The convenience of having you talk me through the issue on the phone with you controlling the application on my own computer in my office was outstanding. It was like having a personal consultant right there in the room with me. It was great being able to submit my query and get a quick response without the wait and frustration I’ve had with corporate sponsored support lines. When I have any other software issues or questions, I will not hesitate to use the How-to Help Desk.

-David Rubin



The How-to Help desk is an excellent service! I am extremely satisfied with the level of technical support we have received from this company. After spending several hours trying to figure out formatting on an excel sheet, a business associate suggested that I call the How-to Help Desk.  When I called they were able to walk me through a solution in minutes. The support rep was very professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. The instructions were provided in a very precise clear manner. I found their help desk service to be very helpful. Next time I need assistance with an Excel file I will definitely refer to them again rather than getting frustrated spending hours trying to figure it out on my own. It is great peace of mind knowing that this service is just a phone call away. Thank you!

-Gina Fragner
K&S Music

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