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The How-to Help Desk (H2HD) provides quick help on basic software questions businesspeople need answered.  If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, a staff member at a small company, or an employee at a mid-size company, you may benefit from the How-to Help Desk.

When a businessperson asks the question “How do I do THIS” regarding a basic software program, the How-to Help Desk is the “go to” place to get  a step-by-step answer provided by an on-shore business professional.  Answers can be provided through screen-sharing over the internet coupled with a phone call.  Want to feel like you’re having a face-to-face conversation?  You can via Skype!!!

Want more?  You can also ask for pre-recorded videos, written documentation outlining the steps to complete the task, or have us do the task for you.

Ready to ask us a question? Simply click the Buy Now button below, and add blocks of time to your cart.  Then complete the Query form to let us know what your question is, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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You can buy blocks in 5-minute or 60-minute increments.  A typical service call takes 15 minutes but may vary depending on the difficulty of your query.

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