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» Case Study – Primerica Financial

The Problem

Our client, one of Primerica Financial’s reps in Denville, NJ, was using mostly paper and pen to organize all of their tasks, appointments, and key information on clients, prospects, and recruits for their business.  They knew they were beginning to lose track of information, including leads, and wanted a better way to manage this information.


The Results

DB Pros walked the client through a stepped process of finding the right software solution to meet their needs, and implementing this solution for them.  We offered two key options of software to them and decided on going forward with Zoho CRM Professional Edition.  We then set up the system based on the client’s needs that were discussed during the process, and included their two key salespeople as users in the system, along with their support staff.

DB Pros also set up valuable custom views and reports that the users could access on their own.



DB Pros was able to bring the client from a paper calendar book and notes to an electronic system that now holds all of the information they need at their fingertips in a much more organized and efficient fashion.

The client is excited to be using the software and know that they are not leaving deals on the table anymore, and they can produce the information they need instantly.


Client Testimonial

“If you’re like my father and I, you meet a lot of people in your line of work. That being said, if you don’t put a program in place to monitor that activity, you also tend to lose track of a lot of people too! After forgetting about several important prospects, we partnered with Kendra who set us up with a great CRM solution. It aids us in not only managing our agent activity, but also our existing and new clients. This helps us win more business, and adds to our bottom line!” – Anthony Siciliano, Primerica

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