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Child & Family Resources Case Study

(Non-Profit Organization)

The Problem:

Child & Family Resources (“CFR”), a non-profit organization in New Jersey, needed a way to be more efficient in managing their workshops.  They were using several disconnected systems to manage this process, including an Access database, Excel spreadsheets, and many manual steps.

CFR was in need of a centralized database and someone to help them organize their information, implement the database system, and see them through the process.


In October 2009, DB Pros was contacted by a board member of CFR to see if we could help organize their information and get them on a more efficient path for day-to-day activities.  After meeting with the core team at CFR, DB Pros determined this was a great fit for them and there was a perfect system that would help them.  The key areas they needed to systemize were workshop registrations, presenter activities (including payment tracking), attendee certifications, financial management pertaining to workshops, and tracking funding streams.

The current systems in place were an Access database to track much of the information, and Excel spreadsheets to monitor each workshop’s checklist of information.  None of these systems were integrated, and therefore a lot of manual steps were necessary.


DB Pros worked with CFR to identify a database solution that was a perfect fit for them – not only did it provide them all of the essential features and functionality they were looking for today and in the future, but it was free!  The vendor, NetSuite, has a giving program for non-profit organizations, and if the use of the software will better the organization to provide needed services to the community, they will allow the use of the software to the organization for free.

DB Pros took all of their existing data, matched it across the systems, and prepared it for import into NetSuite.  We then set up NetSuite to the specifications identified during several meetings with the team at CFR, including creating custom areas to track their specific information.  Once set up, the data was imported, reports were created, and training was provided to the team on how to use the system.

Additional customizations are continually being provided to CFR to make sure it is providing them optimal results every day.


Due to the database implementation provided to Child & Family Resources, DB Pros was able to eliminate the manual processes that were being done by CFR.  By using NetSuite, all duplicate entry has been eliminated.  In addition, CFR now has a full picture of their business operations in one place for the first time.  Each employee has the right amount of access to the system in order to do their job quickly and efficiently, and be provided with the right information at the right time.  All of the above equates to time saved on a daily basis by each employee, larger visibility to key business information, and better decision-making abilities by the management team/board members.

“Kendra has saved us thousands of dollars! She has an amazing ability to quickly identify needs, problem solve solutions, identify resources, and create systems that are cost efficient and effective. Kendra is a consummate professional, detail orientated and reliable.”

- Rebekka Zydel, Executive Director, Child & Family Resources

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