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20 Lemons:     www.20lemons.com
20 Lemons is a strategic marketing company in New Jersey that specializes in small to mid-sized businesses.  A boutique company, 20 Lemons creates opportunities for clients to surpass marketing goals by developing and implementing strategic visions.  Supported with experience and leadership, 20 Lemons enables clients to successfully engage and retain their audience through traditional, creative, and social mediums.  In comparison to large marketing agencies, 20 Lemons works closely with clients to create cost-effective campaigns that ensure nominal fees and lasting results.

Noelle Stary, Marketing Strategist, founded 20 Lemons to fill a niche in the industry that was lacking.  In her experience, Stary found that many agencies did not offer comprehensive marketing campaigns that deliver added value by working with strategic partners, efficient customer service, and most importantly understanding of budgetary constraints.  Leveraging her marketing and advertising experience to fill that niche in the industry, Stary launched 20 Lemons, a strategic marketing company.

Prior to 20 Lemons, Noelle Stary worked as an account executive at Tritonic, LLC, a creative agency in Newark, NJ.  Additional professional experience includes marketing manager and human resources coordinator for Americana Hospitality Group.

A graduate of University of Maryland’s, Robert H. Smith School of Business, Noelle Stary integrated her love for creative marketing and the challenges of bringing a campaign to life, to serve as the driving force for 20 Lemons.  During her time at University of Maryland, Stary worked for the Academy of Leadership in the global initiatives program.  As a member of this program, Stary studied abroad in South Africa and served as a member of the Women’s Development Leadership Program in Malawi.  It was during her time in South Africa and Malawi that she honed her passion for helping young women develop their business presence.

Outside of the office Noelle enjoys new creative experiences, cooking and dining, and outdoor sports.  To date she has visited 6 continents and is an avid travel enthusiast.

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