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Needs Assessment – We will meet with you to get a deep understanding of what products/services you provide, how your business operates, what systems you currently have in place, what your processes are, your future goals, and most importantly your pain points (what is currently keeping you up at night).

The outcome of the needs assessment will be a detailed proposal with the scope of the project outlined.  If you decide to move forward with the process, we will begin the rest of the process.  If for some reason you decide not to move forward, you have the option of purchasing an assessment summary from us, outlining the findings from the needs assessment and our recommendations to you.

Data cleanup – Your data should be as clean and condensed as possible.  Commonly, many companies utilize more than one file to maintain the same information.  DB Pros will take all of your core data and consolidate them into one file, setting it up for moving into the system chosen during system selection.

System Selection – Finding the right CRM/database solution is a very important and critical decision for your business.  DB Pros is a vendor-neutral consultancy, allowing us to find any solution in the marketplace that fits your needs.  DB Pros will work with you by making recommendations of the top 3-5 systems that fit your specific business needs.  We will then work with you to narrow down the choices based on your budget, your needs, and your future growth.  From there, we will demo the systems with you, helping you make the final decision.  Ultimately, the purchase decision is yours, but we will give you all the guidance you need to make an informed, sound decision.  In addition, we will work with you to negotiation the purchase with the software vendor.

System customization – Based on the scope outlined during the needs assessment, DB Pros will customize the database system for you.  This process creates fields, screens, queries, reports and more that are specific to your company.  It also removes any unnecessary fields/screens built by the vendor.

Data migration – Importing data into a new system can be overwhelming for the typical business owner.  DB Pros will take the data that was consolidated during the data cleanup process and import it into the database system, so that when you begin using the system, it has all of your necessary data in there already.

Testing – Customizing any software program requires testing to make sure that everything is working properly and smoothly.  We ensure there are no bugs, and that the workflow makes sense for you.

Training – The next step is to learn how to use the system you’ve purchased and customized.  It is important to the ultimate success of this investment that you know how to use the program and how it can help you run, manage and grow your business.

Ongoing maintenance – Once your system is set up and your team is trained, there are still some key areas to focus on to ensure a successful implementation.  DB Pros prides itself in assisting clients with post-implementation support to ensure a successful implementation and use of CRM.  This can include user adoption, additional training, creating user manuals and other useful documentation, making sure your business processes remain in alignment with the system flow, and much more!  In addition, as your company grows, requirements will change.  Your system should adjust accordingly.  DB Pros can assist you with this process – adding fields, reports, queries, etc. as is appropriate to keep your business running efficiently.  This can also include regular maintenance on the data itself, ensuring cleanliness along the way.

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