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Do you have a myriad of Excel spreadsheets that you are using to manage aspects of your business? Are you struggling with duplicate information and don’t know the best ways to clean it up?

These issues and more are common among our client base, and we provide services to help you resolve these issues.

Our Data Services solutions can be broken out into 3 categories:

  1. Data Cleanup
  2. Merge/Purge
  3. Excel Automation

In addition to traditional data cleanup services, we also provide automation of Excel work to make your tasks easier and more streamlined.  Ask us how we can help you make your life easier and more efficient.

Below are some examples of Excel-based projects we’ve completed for our clients:

  • Linking Excel graphs with a report in Word to automatically update Word whenever the data in Excel changes
  • Creating Work Orders and a summary page of all open orders
  • Laying out the appropriate formulas and creating the same structure across over 240 sheets in a Workbook to show different data
  • Merge/purge projects — taking various files and combining them into one

If you have needs similar to these and are not sure of the steps to take to make it work, contact us for a quote.

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