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Having clean data in your organization is key to your productivity, profitability and overall sanity!  If you are suffering from multiple list syndrome or have acquired a list from someone that is not in the format you need, we can help you clean it up.

Data Cleanup can consist of several different elements:

  • Combine multiple columns into one
  • Break out a column into multiple columns
  • Remove duplicate records based on specific criteria (dedupe)
  • Fill in missing information
  • and more!

We can take your data in just about any format (Access, Excel, CSV, Text, Outlook) that you currently have.  We will deliver it to you in any of these formats as well.

Once the files are cleaned and delivered back to you, you will then have a clean file to work off of for sales, mailings, import to your existing database, or many other purposes.

If you’d like to have your data cleansed, email us for a quote or call us at (973) 607-1627.

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