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Similar to Data Cleanup, Merge/Purge takes multiple files to clean and combine them.

You can use Merge/Purge for many purposes:

  1. Comparing data from different sources in your company – ex. – sales combined with marketing combined with accounting data
  2. Combining internal data with a purchased list and comparing where data is different
  3. Combining different people’s data for the same purpose into one file (ex. – Outlook contacts from each team member to combine into one spreadsheet; sales lead spreadsheets from each sales rep to combine in to one spreadsheet)

We can take your data in just about any format (Access, Excel, CSV, Text, Outlook) that you currently have.  We will deliver it to you in any of these formats as well.  Because we’re comparing or combining multiple files from your organization, we can even work with files in different formats!  We’ll handle converting the files to the same format and working from there.  You can tell us what format you want the delivered product in.

Once the files are cleaned and delivered back to you, you will then have a clean file to work off of for sales, mailings, import to your existing database, or many other purposes.

Merge/Purge projects are great to see where there are differences in your data sources – where there is information missing; where you have new prospects to target; where there is overlap across departments, etc.

If you have a Merge/Purge project you’d like to have completed, email us for a quote or call us at (973) 607-1627.

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